Pastel Deaths of Latin America

Bright sun lits up the vast array of colours, each unit a unique combination of soft-hued affections, memoirs, and letters. Vibrant greetings for the departed remind of life that used to be, faces who smiled and hearts who loved. Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte took them all, sometimes violently, sometimes quietly. But the cemeteries of Latin America don’t reflect the sadness, they hold space for the celebration of life which once was.

The statistics for Guatemala country predict 35.38 deaths per 100 inhabitants, with the rate rising 5.58 % every year. One third will disappear due to interpersonal violence, road injuries or one of the deadly diseases: respiratory infections, cardiovascular complications, kidney failures or diabetes. Many children die before the age of five with causes as malnutrition leading the way, besides injuries along with preterm birth.

Mexico reached the highest rate of homicide deaths in the first half of 2018, breaking the record of 21 years. Baja California region on its northern border saw nearly fifty percent incline in the murder rate in the past year, followed by Colima region and surpassed by the winner, Guanajuato region, inclining for 122 %.


Latin America cemeteries

Quetzaltenango | Guatemala

Guatemala Cemetery Quetzaltenango

Guatemala Cemetery Latin America

Guatemala Quetzaltenango Cemeteries Latin America


Celestún | Mexico

Mexico Celestun Cemeteries Latin America


San Antonio Palopó | Guatemala

Guatemala Cemeteries Latin America

Guatemala Latin America Cemeteries

Guatemala Cemeteries Latin America

Antigua Guatemala | Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala Cemeteries Latin America

Antigua Guatemala Cemeteries Latin America

Antigua Guatemala Cemeteries Latin America


The graveyards await for many casualties of the failed economic, political and social systems. Life is harsh around here, but the image of death thrives in many different shades all over Latin America’s cemeteries. A sweet reminder that the struggles will cease at last.




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