You feel it too, right?

The twitch in your chest, the gentle little shiver within, the choked outcry in your throat.


A strange pull of what could be, a vague memory of familiarity and cosiness.

The desire to breathe, run and dive. To feel alive, somewhere between the softness of a summer evening and the edge of right-before-dawn insanity.

The need to discover, explore and entangle yourself into the vast enjoyment of pure being. Unrestrained, curious and trustful.

It doesn’t disappear, don’t hold your breath on that one. Sometimes it just quiets down, almost stops beating, apathetic from the constant pleading for you to listen. But slowly it burns a hole in your body, with a map of lost opportunities, inked with comfort and convenience.

Do follow the sound of your darling heart however distant, unusual or wary of the social expectations the direction would be.

Take to heart your wandering inner compass. It will bring you home, eventually. But before that, it will take you places!


Yours truly, 

The Restless Heart. 







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